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Our Story


“Where every road leads to a trail and every trail leads to a brewery”

Helena is the Capital of the “High Wide and Handsome” state of Montana and the destination for anyone seeking a small town feel with all the good stuff that makes locals love to call her home and keeps visitors coming back.

When you’re not on the trails there's plenty of fun activities, local history, arts, craft beverages, eats, and shopping to enjoy. Helena lies in the sweet spot at the foot of the Continental Divide and half way between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks with access to mountains, rivers, lakes, ski hills and yep… tons of trails! We're a International Mountain Bike Association Silver Class Ride Center boasting over 75 miles of single track trails...and that's only the ones downtown!

Helena also makes a perfect base camp for your Western Montana adventures as a drive a few hours in any direction will get you to just about every river, resort, music festival, or trail that you’ve got on your Big Sky Country bucket list.

Vigilante Shuttles and Tours was launched to highlight this Last Best Place and ensure locals and visitors alike can enjoy all Helena and Western Montana has to offer.

Specializing in Mountain Biking & Trail Shuttles, Craft Beverage Tours, and curated Experience Helena Tours, VS&T would love to help you fulfill whatever Montana adventures you’ve dreamed up.

The Founder and Proprietor:

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Born and raised in Helena and a fourth generation Montanan, Kurt Valiton can't help but brag about Helena. Anytime he goes for a hike, bike ride, or walks downtown with a visitor or local; Kurt finds himself telling stories of miners and early Helenans or pointing out a grand old structure.

Vigilante Shuttles and Tours combines Kurt’s love for the outdoors and showing off the local businesses, events, trails and history that makes Helena the place that Kurt, his wife and three children have chosen to call home...and ride their bikes!

A registered nurse that started his medical training at the Wilderness Medical Institute of N.O.L.S., Kurt has also been dreaming of starting his own business for as long as he can remember. His heritage boasts several Montana pioneers and entrepreneurs as far back as the territorial days. Montana and customer service is in the family blood.

Kurt hopes Vigilante Shuttles and Tours will allow him to provide a memorable local experience with incredible customer service in order to ensure client's adventures are all they hope them to be. Even more, he hopes to make a bunch of new friends along the way!